Our intent is to reduce impact on the environment, preserve and interpret our collective cultural heritage, and to create great new places that are lasting and valued.



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Architects should advocate toward a sustainable future.

Principal Architect Geoffrey Kumagai is a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) with experience across a range of energy efficient and green projects. In all our projects, we endeavour to do our work effectively, efficiently and without unnecessary waste. We support and encourage those who seek to do the same.





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Preserving and understanding our cultural heritage is important.

Existing buildings, whether Heritage designated or not, require care and stewardship to maintain and enhance their sense of place. The same is true of our cultural artifacts and cultural institutions. Our team has extensive experience with existing building and heritage properties, as well as museum, gallery and exhibit design.






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A good process is essential.

Each project is important to us, and deserves careful consideration and attention to detail. Well-designed places have greater longevity, more relevance and place less demands on our environment. Places we can successfully create today will be our cultural legacy in the future.