Exhibit Design Experience

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto
for Terry Heard Designers, 2016-2018
Carbon Architects Incorporated role: As noted

  • International Ice Hockey Federation International Zone (exhibit design support)
  • ‘The Mask’ – New Gallery (architectural consultant)
  • Public main entrance refurbishment (concept design stage support)
  • Tim Hortons display cases (exhibit design support)

Saudi Arabia National Museum Permanent Galleries
Reich + Petch Design International, 1996-1999, $20M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: As noted

  • First and Second Saudi States (senior designer & contract administrator)
  • Unification Gallery and Theatre (senior designer & contract administrator)
  • Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques (senior designer & contract administrator)
  • Saudi Arabia and the Islamic World Today (senior designer)
  • Man and the Universe (contract administrator)
  • Arab Kingdoms (contract administrator)
  • The Pre-Islamic Era (contract administrator)
  • The Prophet’s Mission (contract administrator)
  • Islam and the Arabian Peninsula (contract administrator)

Liverpool Museum Permanent Galleries
Reich + Petch Design International, 1999-2001, $9M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: As noted

  • Bug House (senior designer, project manager)
  • Liverpool Aquarium (senior designer, project manager)
  • World Cultures – (project manager)
    • Africa
    • The Americas
    • Asia
    • Oceania

The Discovery Centre, Woody Point, Gros Morne National Park
Reich + Petch Design International & Terry Heard Designers, 1997-98, $1M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: RPDI Senior Designer, & Liaison with THD

Tai Po Insect House, Hong Kong
Reich + Petch Design International, 1999, $0.5M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Senior Designer & Project Manager

King Abd Al-Aziz Historical Centre Permanent Galleries, Riyadh
Reich + Petch Design International, 1997, $2M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Senior Designer

Niagara Falls Interim Casino
Reich + Petch Design International & Forrec Inc., 1996, $25M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Contract Documents

Smithsonian Behring Hall of Mammals, Washington DC
Reich + Petch Design International, 2000, $15M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Assist with design development

Windsor Art Gallery
Reich + Petch Architects & Moffat Kinoshita Architects, 2000, $10M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Assist with design development

Hong Kong Heritage Museum Permanent Galleries
Reich + Petch Design International, 1998, $20M
Geoffrey Kumagai’s role: Assist with design development