Green Shed

Green Shed Highlights:

Re-Purposed Oven Doors
Standard 30″ wide enameled steel oven doors with windows and blank drawer fronts are used for side cladding panels. For end panels, a combination of 30″ and 24″ wide doors and drawer fronts are used. Renderings are based on the use of Harvest Gold, Avocado, Almond and White applianceForest Stewardship Council Certified Wood Products

Green Shed uses western red cedar dimensional lumber for floor framing, floor decking and minor interior parts. Availability of FSC Certified product from BC remains limited. BC has an estimated 100,000 hectares certified under the FSC BC regional standard, which has preliminary approval from FSC International.To promote the implementation of Forest Stewardship Council Canada practices in British Columbia, FSC-Certified material is suggested, however reclaimed wood may also be used. To learn more visit

Wheat Straw Thatched Roof
Thatched roofing is one of the oldest forms of roofing. Although not common in British Columbia today, thatching was used extensively by Doukobor immigrants who settled in around 90 villages in various regions of BC between 1908 and 1912 ( There is also a contemporary precedent: a replica of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, compete with thatched roof, is located today on Vancouver Island. Wheat straw grown on site may be harvested, bundled and stored in the rafters until needed for maintenance and repair of the thatched roof.

The interior of Green Shed is intended to be adaptable and reconfigurable. Easy to make wood shelves, fixtures and accessories can be readily mounted and repositioned on the ends of carriage bolts used to secure the exterior cladding to the interior bamboo poles (bolts not shown in rendering). Hose reels shown are made from salvaged auto rims, and an operable vent provides cross-ventilation.