TTC Art Walk

Noel led a TTC-focused urban art walk in April with the desire to help us all be more informed about the public art in our city.  The walk focused on learning more about the art that people walk by every day while taking the TTC.  This walk reviewed only a very small portion of the artworks on display at TTC stations.

This walking tour included Barbara Steinman’s Banking Hours, John Boyle’s Our Nell, William McElcheran’s Cross Section, Charles Pachter’s Hockey Knights in Canada, a print of Edwin McCormick’s painting at Yonge / Bloor Station, Louis de Niverville’s Morning Glory, Joyce Weiland’s Barren Ground Caribou, Gitksan First Nation’s Fedelia O’Brien, Murphy Green and Chuck Heit’s Owl, Wolf and Hawk, and James Sutherland’s Spadina Summer Under All Seasons.

Not every piece is photographed here.

Thanks to Doug Rier and Geoffrey Kumagai for the photos!